Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Video From the Save Our Schools Rally

Missed the Save our Bloated Bureaucracy Schools rally?  The very charming Randan Swindler was on hand interviewing attendees and capturing the rally message:  "More money, no matter what."  The very fun posted video includes statements from those in attendance, including the interview team's uh,"interaction" with the folks at the International Socialists table.

The video also includes some great stats, such as:

* Texas Public School enrollment has increased by 19.6%, spending by 95.3%.
* The Consumer Price Index has increased 32% since 1999, but per pupil expenditures have increased by 63%.
* Only 49.8% of Texas education dollars are spent in the classroom.
* Since 1999, Texas non-teaching staff has ballooned by 172%; 4x greater than student enrollment growth.
* K-12 education spending accounts for 43.7% of the state budget.
(Source for all stats:  Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.)


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-KenB said...

Thank you for sharing this - I learned a few things from it.