Monday, March 11, 2013

Texas Taxpayers Coalition Praises Senators Campbell & Paxton

From the Texas Taxpayers Savings Grants Coalition:

AUSTIN, TEXAS (March 8, 2013) -- The Texas Taxpayers Savings Grants Coalition today praised Senator Donna Campbell for filing the Taxpayers Savings Grant bill (SB1575) which will save the state approximately $20 billion over the next decade by simply allowing parents the freedom to choose the school that best fits their child's needs. 

SB 1575 Supported By Over 1 Million Texans

The bill was filed partially in response to overwhelming support by more than 1.1 million Texas primary voters – representing 85 percent of those who voted in the Republican Primary last spring. 

“Minorities support school choice at a high rate,” said Reverend Kyev Tatum, a leader in the school choice coalition. “Our schools are failing the most at-risk communities including low-income and minority students. On behalf of the students who are being left behind, we demand improved quality educational options through freedom of choice.”

SB 1575 Will Save Texas $3,000 Per Student  

Parents who wish to accept less than the state average per pupil M&O expenditure will receive a grant equal to 60 percent - or about $5,000 - as a tuition grant to choose the school of their choice.  Because of state funding formulas, the state would save approximately $3,000 per student. The Heartland Institute estimates total savings to taxpayers, over the next decade, at approximately $20 billion.

Taxpayer Savings Grants Will Increase Teacher Pay

In addition to students gaining freedom, teachers would also benefit.  During the recent school finance trial, economists for the state, experts for school districts, and experts for the Efficiency Interveners all testified that teacher salaries would rise with increased freedom of choice. Economists estimate that metropolitan area teachers could make in excess of $12,000 per year more than they now earn if a program like Taxpayer Savings Grants were enacted.

The Coalition, which includes education advocacy groups and parental choice organizations from all across Texas, will continue to monitor all education reform efforts in the 83rd Texas Legislature.



Adam Prewitt
Canton Tea Party Patriots, Bob Hall
Christopher Hercules
Chuck Toudouze, former Public School Board Member
Concerned Women for America of Texas, Ann Hettinger, State Director
Conservative Republicans of Texas, President Steven F. Hotze, M.D.
Conservatives in Action PAC, John Cook, President
Criag James
El Paso Country Day School, Dr. Laura Alpen
El Paso Country Day School, Melissa Brock
Grassroots America – We The People, JoAnn Flemming
Holly Hansen
Holy Cross of San Antonio, Bro. Stanley Culotta, CSC
Hon. Kent Grusendorf, former Chairman, Texas House Public Education Committee
James A. Dick
Jason Moore, State Republican Executive Committee
Jeff Judson
Karen Bauman
Lake Travis Tea Party
Mark Dorazio, Former Member of the Republican Texas State Platform Committee
Monsignor Dermott Brosnan, Founder, Patrician Movement
New Life Christian Academy, LaSalle R. Vaughn,  Chancellor
New Life Christian Center, San Antonio, TX
Pastor Daryl Crain
Rally Texas, Bob Long
Randan Swindler
Republican Freedom Coalition of Texas, Don Zimmerman
Robert C. Flores
Robert Gonzalez, Clear Lake Tea Party Board
Samuel F. Harms
Smith County Republican Party, Ashton Oravetz III, Chair
South Texas Alliance for Progress, George Rodriguez
Southern Christian Leadership Conference & Ministries for Education
- Texas, Rev. Kyev Tatum
Terese Raia
Texas Legislature Tea Party Caucus, Katrina Pierson
Texas Parental Choice in Education, Connie Sadowski
Texas Parents Union, Matt Prewitt
Texas Pastor Council, Dave Welch, Executive Director
Texas Public Policy Foundation, Brooke Rollins, President
Texans for Parental Choice in Education, Bob Schoolfield
Todd M. Smith, Former Member, State Republican Executive Committee
Travis County Republican Party, Dr. Rosemary Edwards, Chairman
The Justice Foundation, Allan Parker, President
Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
Williamson County Republican Assembly, David MacEwan
Young Conservatives of Texas, Jeff Morris, State Chairman

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