Monday, May 16, 2011

Travis County Liberals Still Control Round Rock School Board

While I was quite pleased to see Conservative Aaron Johnson win his race for the Leander School Board, other results for Williamson County districts were disappointing. 

While Conservative David Dziadziola won the Williamson County portion of the Round Rock School District with a healthy 56% of the vote, Travis County voters gaave Liberal Diane Cox 70% and effectively shut out the Wilco voice.  Dziadziola had an uphill battle in that he did not have pre-election name recognition and faced an entrenched incumbent who successfully downplayed her party affiliation and controversial stances.  Another factor of course was higher levels of voter enthusiasm in the Austin portion of the district since they were also voting on which City Council candidate would keep Austin the weirdest. 

All things considered, Dziadziola made a very good showing, but once again, the Austin/Travis County Liberals dominated the Round Rock School Board election. 

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