Thursday, May 19, 2011

PEC Candidates' Pledge

Previously I wrote about the election for the Pedernales Electric Cooperative Board and the importance of restoring common-sense governance to this nation's largest electric co-op.  Two of the candidates in the Williamson County portion of the District, Alan Yore and Stephen Thomas, have released a "Pledge to PEC Members." 
Dear Fellow PEC Member,

For nearly 75 years, the Pedernales Electric Co-op has served the families, residents, and businesses of the Texas Hill Country. Our co-op has provided the power to light our homes and driven our economic development. When PEC first started, no private company was willing to build and maintain the electric lines to our area. Our co-op is an ongoing symbol of our ability to do for ourselves when others would not.

Today, you have an important opportunity to reclaim the PEC Board for the "can do" families of the Hill Country. If you honor Stephen Thomas and Alan Yore with your vote for PEC board, we pledge to uphold the highest traditions of the co-op by:

*Restoring PEC’s Reputation. We are tired of seeing PEC in the headlines, and pledge to conduct ourselves in a manner befitting such a great organization.

*Getting Back to Basics. Focus on reducing rates and delivering reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost.
*Governing, Not Micro-Managing. Board members should set the goals for the co-op, and make sure that the new CEO and great employees have the tools to meet those goals.

*Staying True to the Cooperative Model. PEC should continue to play a visible and supportive role in the communities that it serves.

If you believe it is time to once again have a co-op focused on your needs and the needs of most of the families in the Hill Country, then we would appreciate you voting today for Alan Yore and Stephen Thomas. We appreciate your consideration.
Alan Yore
Stephen Thomas
PEC members may vote via mail-in ballot or on the PEC website by June 10, or may vote in-person at the annual meeting on June 18 in Johnson City.

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