Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Representative Maldonado Afraid to Debate?

In the recent Politifact/Austin American Statesman article verifying that Democrat Representative Diana Maldonado is having to hire 'volunteers' through Craigslist, the Maldonado campaign claimed that Larry Gonzales was not willing to discuss the issues.  Ironically, Larry Gonzales has been trying unsuccessfully for months to get Maldonado to debate him on issues important to the District.  She has refused to do so unless she is given the questions in advance, which only further substantiates the rumor that she cannot think for herself and is completely reliant on handlers to script every appearance.  Below is the release from the Gonzales campaign: 

Gonzales to Maldonado: Let’s Debate…Unscripted
Gonzales Proposes Three Issue-Themed Debates

Williamson County – Republican nominee for House District 52, Larry Gonzales, today challenged liberal incumbent Diana Maldonado to three debates focused on key themes.

“Elections are about choices on issues that matter, and I want the voters of District 52 to have ample opportunity to see the differences between a small business owner and an out of touch liberal who represents Austin instead of Williamson County,” said Gonzales. “Let’s stand before the people of this district with no scripts or canned remarks, and let the voters decide who offers the best vision for creating jobs and opportunity in Williamson County.”

Gonzales proposes an initial debate about the subject most on the mind of voters: jobs and fiscal discipline, hosted by a local business organization. Gonzales proposes a second debate on education, including higher education, hosted either by a local PTA or on the grounds of a local campus. Gonzales proposes a third debate on border security, and the challenges posed by illegal immigration, hosted by a local Tea Party.

Gonzales added, “Diana Maldonado has had five opportunities to stand with me and debate the issues, but has declined every one of them – one of them was to be televised,” said Gonzales. “Clearly, trying to work out a debate schedule privately did not work, so we’re making our request public.”

The debates and forums that Diana Maldonado has declined are the following: The Lynn Woolley syndicated talk radio show; the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (we were told she agreed only if she had the questions seven days in advance); Texas P2 (which is comprised of business and industry) on two separate occasions; and Austin Community College, which offered to televise the debate and rerun it before Election Day.

"In order to be transparent, honest and accountable to voters, debates are crucial. They deserve to hear their state representative defend her record, and how my vision for the future contrasts with that record," said Gonzales “Let’s give voters an unfiltered account of where we stand, and how we will lead. I’m ready. Is she?”


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