Thursday, September 2, 2010

Push Polls and Other Desperate Tactics in SBOE Race

As expected, the Judy Jennings campaign is denying any connection with the recent push poll I wrote about on Monday.  This is not surprising since this kind of dirty work is usually done by third parties so that the candidate can deny participation.  Here are just a few more facts about the poll:

Several individuals in Travis county have reported receiving the calls, which are identified as coming from the 702 area code, a Las Vegas, Nevada code.  In addition to the question suggesting Dr. Marsha Farney attended a white supremacist rally last Summer, the poll asks several push questions, including whether the voter prefers Judy Jennings, who desires to bring in "specialists" to create curriculum, or Marsha Farney who wishes to "implement a political agenda."  (No mention of the fact that Dr. Farney IS a curriculum specialist.)  These questions leave no doubt that the purpose of this poll is not to gather information, but rather to 'push' voters to Democrat Judy Jennings. 

Democrats are determined to take control of the Texas State Board of Education, since controlling public school curriculum will allow them to influence the minds of the majority of American children.  They will continue to try to paint Dr. Farney as a radical, and have even been manipulating the rules for debate, a tactic Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri warned about earlier this week.  Astute voters should not be deceived by these desperate tactics, and make the right choice.

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