Monday, August 23, 2010

Texas GOP Women: Arizona is Right!

The Texas Federation of Republican Women left no doubts as to where the organization stands on Arizona's new immigration law when the Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution this month commending the State of Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer, Senator John Kyl, and State Senator Russell Pearce for their determination to enforce federal immigration laws.

Resolutions Committee Chair M. Elizabeth Cathey presented the resolution Friday, August 6, to 80 women in attendance at the Federation's quarterly board meeting. Voting members of the board made an amendment to include the author of Arizona Senate Bill 1070, State Senator Russell Pearce, but no other amendments were offered and the resolution received enthusiastic and unanimous support.

The resolution states:

RESOLVED, that the Texas Federation of Republican Women, at its Board of Directors meeting in Austin, Texas, on August 6, 2010, commends the State of Arizona, its Governor the Honorable Jan Brewer, its State Senator Russell Pearce, and its United States Senator, the Honorable John Kyl for their efforts to enforce federal law as it relates to foreign immigration.
The TFRW resolution also includes language recognizing the Arizona Governor's responsibility to protect the lawful citizens of the state.

"The Texas Federation of Republican Women's Board of Directors is proud to commend the leaders of the State of Arizona for supporting the rights of their citizens with the Support Our Law Enforcement and State Neighborhoods Act," said Federation President Rebecca Bradford. "As Texans we understand the value of immigrants to our amazing State, and like the citizens of Arizona, we believe those immigrants should be honest in their reasons and means to enter our State and the Country."

Founded in 1955, the Texas Federation of Republican Women's long-standing goals of education, training, participation in government, electing Republicans, and encouraging Republican women to run for office has helped create a powerful organization that is 10,200 members strong with 161 clubs. For more information on TFRW or to locate a local club, please visit (new website coming soon!)

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