Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Coattails For Diana Maldonado

In 2008, Democrat Diana Maldonado rode to a narrow 1% victory on the coattails of Barack Obama. Like Obama, Maldonado portrayed herself as a moderate in conservative-leaning Williamson County, and carefully avoided discussion of the liberal-progressive agenda. Of course now that the Obama presidency is crashing and burning in such spectacular fashion, Democrats like Maldonado played 'duck and cover' during the recent Presidential visit, and are avoiding association with Obama at all costs.

This year Representative Maldonado will have a difficult time convincing voters she is a moderate since she has a rather inconvenient legislative record to defend. For example, she earned a 36% rating from the Texas Association of Business and a 10% rating from the Young Conservatives of Texas. Furthermore, her actions in the 2009 session to kill voter photo ID legislation reveals her to be at odds with 82% of American citizens.

So whose coattails will she attempt to ride in 2010? Apparently, Rep Maldonado has attached herself to gubernatorial candidate Bill White. She was an early supporter of the former Houston Mayor in the 2010 Primaries, (see video below) and after playing "Duck and Cover" during the presidential visit, she teamed up with Bill's wife, Andrea White for campaign activities in Williamson County,

Unfortunately for Maldonado, former Houston Mayor Bill White has quite a bit of his own baggage to carry, baggage that won't play well in HD 52. For example, White left the City of Houston essentially bankrupt and with more debt per capita than California. White, an unwavering supporter of abortion, courted Planned Parenthood executives in Houston and encouraged the establishment of the 'world's largest abortion clinic' in the city. Most recently, White's refusal to rule out increased taxes and debt for the Lone Star State has earned him the new moniker, "Bill White for Taxes."

If in fact, these are the coattails Ms. Maldonado is hoping to ride to victory, she is in serious trouble indeed.

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