Monday, July 26, 2010

Marsha Farney Event in Williamson County

Dr. Marsha Farney, Republican candidate for the Texas State Board of Education, District 10, will be holding a fundraiser today at 4:30pm. The 'Skeet Shoot and Fish Fry,' (don't you just love a woman who holds a skeet shoot?) will feature special guest Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner. Even if you can't shoot well enough to hit the side of a barn, you should go just to hear Commissioner Patterson; he tells some hilarious stories about Texas history and politics, and some of my friends call him the "Ben Stein of Texas."

If you can't make it, consider supporting Dr. Farney in some way. As I described in The Hundred Years Curriculum War, there is much at stake, and we must ensure a victory for Dr. Farney over the leftist idealogues who want 100% control over public education. Learn more about Marsha Farney at

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