Friday, July 30, 2010

Maldonado Confused About Voter Frustration

Yesterday Democrat State Representative Diana Maldonado sent out a fundraising letter that included this statement:

Texans are frustrated, and voters in House District 52 share this frustration. They are tired of skyrocketing insurance and utility rates, short-sighted approaches to transportation challenges, and a lack of leadership in public education. These are serious issues for our region and our state, and we need serious, capable representatives in Austin to face these challenges.


Maldonado is correct in that voters are frustrated, but she doesn't seem to be listening to what the people are saying. A July Rasmussen poll found that 67% of Americans now believe the country is on the wrong track, and their top issues of concern are, in order of importance,  the economy, government ethics and corruption, healthcare, and taxes.

With an actual unemployment rate of 16.5%, (according to the Federal government; independent analysts place it as high as 28%,) the economy is the number one issue for voters. A close second is healthcare, for which, according to Rasmussen, the concern level has actually risen since the passage of Obamacare. Furthermore, voter concern over taxes has reached an all time high, and 75% prefer free enterprise over a government-controlled economy.

Somehow Representative Maldonado has missed these signals from the voters and continues to campaign on issues that have taken a backseat to the crises we currently face. Furthermore, both her legislative scorecards and campaign rhetoric past and present, indicate she favors big government solutions; an approach American voters overwhelmingly oppose in 2010.

Voter frustration? Certainly. We are especially frustrated with elected officials who just aren't listening.

Larry Gonzales, the Republican nominee for the Texas House District 52 seat, has made job creation and property tax reform dominant issues for his campaign. Gonzales, like most Americans and especially those in Republican-leaning District 52, understands that lower taxes, limited government, and limited government spending will be key to a sustained economic recovery. His knowledge and understanding of applied economics and the nature of government, will be a tremendous asset in the Texas House, and we look forward to having representation in tune with our needs.

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