Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Environmental Extremism Taking Over Texas Power Sources


-By Eric Stratton, 2008 PEC Board Candidate

The Pedernales Electric Co-op is under a SILENT SEIGE by the environmental extremists and special special interest groups and has been now for 2 years. They are determined to make PEC an example and to force "green power" down our throats for the sake of climate change at all costs. As David Foster, the Executive Director of Clean Water Action even stated recently in an email to a PEC member, "The PEC is as you know the largest electric cooperative in the nation, and what is [sic] does can set a healthy precedent for others co-ops. Energy policy is directly related to water quality and quantity, since conventional methods of producing electricity (coal, natural gas, nuclear) require vast amounts of water...And the burning of fossil fuels is a leading driver of climate change...." This group alone controls a block of 7,000 votes which has helped ensure liberal victories up and down the ballot in the PEC Board elections the past 2 years--and that's not counting "Smitty" Smith's Public Citizen and PEC4U!

The only way to stop the bloodletting, ensure a conservative victory, and prevent the left from holding 6 OF 7 SEATS ON THE BOARD is to come together and vote as a block ourselves! As an activist for the past 10 years in the electric cooperative community, and a former candidate for the PEC Board myself, I truly believe that the BEST candidates for the job and to do this are KEN RIGSBEE (DISTRICT 4) and JOE SUMMY (DISTRICT 5). They are no nonsense CONSERVATIVES who have been ACTIVE IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE PEC for years. They are running on a platform of "Getting back to the Business of the Business," focusing on the affairs of running the cooperative as a business and back to basics co-op principles, putting the members first, while moving away from these special interest groups and their single-issue agendas.

So let's STOP THE SILENT SEIGE of the PEC and VOTE RIGSBEE AND SUMMY for PEC BOARD. If you lost or tossed out your ballot, please contact the administrator of our elections:

Election Services Company (ESC)
Mon.-Fri. 9am-4pm CDT

The future of your co-op and your electric power bills depends on YOUR VOTE!

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