Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Williamson County Courts Primary Election Bingo Cards

Pre-Primary Pre-Season, Part II

There is a good deal of PPPS buzz in Williamson County over judicial candidates these days.  What with the imminent demise of beleaguered Judge Ken Anderson of the 277th District Court, there's blood in the water and many possible candidates.  Thus far, the best-known GOP possibilities include Ryan Larson, an assistant attorney general in Greg Abbott's office, Stacey Mathews, a prosecutor assigned to the 277th Court in the District Attorney's office, and Terrence Davis, a local attorney. 

In addition, Judge Burt Carnes of the 368th District Court has 'unofficially implied' that he will retire sooner rather than later, like next month.  If so, Governor Rick Perry will appoint a replacement, who will then run for election in 2014.  Local attorney Rick Kennon has formally announced his candidacy (Kennon has previously run for County Attorney and is well-known in Republican circles.)  Other candidates include Round Rock attorney Tallion Taylor, and Lytza Rojas, another assistant district attorney.  (Rojas and the aforementioned Mathews seem to have teamed up on a number of projects and may be perceived as a ticket?)

Austin attorney Lesli Gordon Fitzpatrick has also indicated that she will be running, but has not decided if she is aiming for the 277th or the 368th.

There are other rumored candidates and a few curious treasurer's reports that have been filed with the Texas Ethics Commission, but not enough to report on yet.

Will keep ya' posted...

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