Friday, March 9, 2012

Planned Parenthood Not the Only Game in Town

As expected, reporters at the Texas Tribune are whining that the Texas Women's Health Program is in jeopardy because of the eeevil Texas Legislature.  They carefully avoid mentioning that it is President Obama who is threatening to kill the program since Texas has excluded Planned Parenthood from participation.   The popular narrative seems to be that Planned Parenthood is the only game in town, and excluding PP clinics will deprive poor women of health care. 

Only the Tribune also includes an interactive map of participating clinics, and surprise!  Most of the WHP clinics are not Planned Parenthood affiliates after all.  In fact, the few Planned Parenthood facilities who participate are surrounded by multiple other clinics that do not affiliate with the abortion business. 

So it looks like continuing the Women's Health Program while excluding Planned Parenthood won't deprive any women from receiving services, but it will keep the nation's number one abortion provider from receiving about $17 million in subsidies.

View the Tribune map for yourself:

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