Friday, November 4, 2011

Early Voting Turnout: Dismal

The Williamson County Elections office has posted the Early Voting totals through Thursday, November 3.  5,275 people have voted in Wilco, 2.2% of registered voters. 

While I would rather the un-informed just stayed home, I find it disturbing that so few of my neighbors care enough to spend about 15 minutes looking over the various ballot initiatives and take the time to vote.  It is this lack of civic knowledge and duty that has burdened taxpayers with excessive government spending and debt patterns, not just at the Federal level, but at the local level too.  Texans now owe $174.55 billion in local government debt.   

Voting is easy, and there are lots of educational resources.  You can vote today until 7pm at any open location in the county.  Your last chance will be next Tuesday, November 8.  Keep in mind that on Tuesday you will only be able to vote at your assigned precinct location.  You can look up your location online at the Williamson County Elections Office website

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