Saturday, March 12, 2011

Save Our Teachers? Or Something Else?

Here's one of the first photos I've received from today's Save Our Schools comment necessary.

Thanks to D. Greer for this photo.


dembones said...

A little Google research shows that Austin, along with Denton, Corpus Christi, Dallas and Houston are home to chapters of the International Socialist Organization. The photo shows maybe ten people holding a sign, which represents less than one-tenth of one percent of the folks who attended the rally today. There were also representatives from Tea Party groups, Democrats and Republicans in attendance.

How typical to focus on one big scary sign and dismiss the impact of today's massive rally, and fail to acknowledge that under all-Republican state government, tax breaks for the wealthy and well-connected are more important than funding our public education system. No, these ten kids from Austin do not prove that we need to lay off 100,000 teachers.

You might find that your positions would be more popular if you tried not being so mean-spirited. Were you not a product of public education? Why deny it to the next generation?

D. said...

Dem bones has Dem witted remarks.

The MSM and Democrats are predictably two faced on this. They decry the Tea Party rallies for being extremist but when the wackos show up in force for their rally we are supposed to look away.

There were hundreds of Mexican communists there as well and this event was heavily attended by unions. Perry and Republicans should disregard the shrill mob. They are a fraction of the population that does not represent mainstream Texas or America.