Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cedar Park Early Voting Begins Today

Early voting begins today for the runoff election between Don Tracy and Maria Talamo for Cedar Park City Council.

Early voting:
Tues. June 1 - Sat. June 5 -- 8am to 5pm
(No voting on Sunday)
Mon., June 7 and Tues. June 8 – 7am to 7pm

Sat., June 12 -- 9am to 7pm
Voting at Cedar Park Library only
Maria Talamo or Don Tracy -- For Cedar Park City Council Place 6
Vic Villarreal or David Reiter -- For ACC Board of Trustees Place 5

As I've written previously, Don Tracy has been running a strong campaign based on fiscally sound economic policies. In contrast, Maria Talamo has presented some troubling ideas and a possible conflict of interest in her ever-evolving attitudes toward the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center.

Prior to the original election, Talamo also sought to distract voters by filing an ethics complaint against Tracy. In the complaint, Talamo alleges that Tracy did not report costs for postcards sent by a consulting firm or for in-kind donations from the Williamson County Republican Party and GOP Precinct Chair Jon Jewett. However, the invoicing and payment for the postcards took place after the report filing deadline and are not scheduled for reporting until the next required filing. The letter from Jon Jewett was a personal letter referencing or endorsing 14 different candidates, at a cost to Mr. Jewett of $200. Don Tracy's pro-rata share is $14, far below the $50 reporting threshold. In other words, these charges are bogus, and Talamo only filed them as a desperate attempt to damage Tracy's reputation.

Interestingly enough, Maria Talamo has been trying to quietly convince some voters that she is not really a Democrat. However, she voted Democrat in 2 of the last 5 primaries, and bragged to a local activist that she was "a card-carrying member of the ACLU." She may try to distance herself from the Democrat Party, but her views are certainly much more aligned with the 'big-government' crowd.

Don Tracy has a strong commitment to core principles promoting economic growth and limited government interference. A rapidly growing city like Cedar Park needs strong, fiscally responsible leadership, and will be well served by Don Tracy on the City Council.

Now, go vote!

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